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Why should you choose phonics class for your kid?

Children are not equal in their development. There are 3 years old children who know how to read better than 6 years old children. Long ago children were taught at home how to read and write but public schools have displaced this practice. Schools are a good thing but they have a bad side – they are teaching all kids equally. As long as children are coping with exercises, this is a good thing. What about kids who have troubles reading and writing? If you are a parent, you already know how important can be reading for your child – it can define success.

Let’s talk a little about phonics

In a perfect world the number of letters is equal to the number of sounds – unfortunately, most languages are not as simple as this example. Spelling patterns from foreign words are messing with domestic spelling patterns and it becomes harder to guess how to pronounce words. The English language, for example, has a lot of foreign words because he has suffered a lot of changes and intruders. Not only migration of people is changing the language, global technologies and science are doing it, too. There are lots of words who are taken by scientists from other languages because there is not suitable one in the English language. OK, now we know why the English language is not simple. How should we learn it easier? Phonics class in Singapore, for example, Myenglish.com.sg is a great choice for all parents who want to provide the best environment for their kids. In Singapore, there is more than one official language, but the English language is used in all administration and business life so it should be a priority for kids. Phonics class gives them the opportunity to become fluent readers and speakers thanks to a lot of exercises and games.

Have you heard the word “entrepreneur”? It sounds French, right? It is a French word with French spelling and pronunciation. At phonics classes, children first learn the difference between letter and sound. This is obvious for adults but it is not so simple for toddlers and kids. Have in mind that they have just made a link between picture and a word so they don’t have a lot of experience with that kind of stuff. Next level is phonemic awareness where children start to mix letters in phonemics and to pronounce them. In the English language, you can pronounce two letters differently depending on their position in the word. A phonemic class is all about the structure of the words because when children know sounds they could pronounce totally unknown words, too. As you may guess, almost every word is unknown for your child.

However, learning how to read properly is important for child’s self-esteem among his schoolmates. Usually, kids who cope with school lessons easily are way more successful in life than their not so coping schoolmates. If your kid has already started to read but still has some troubles, phonics class will help.

How to understand whether or not my child needs help with reading?

Listen to your child carefully, while he is reading. If you hear some misspellings or delays, ask him to read similar world. If you notice that there is a real trouble sign your kid for a phonics class. Specialists will help him to overcome uncertainty in reading and speaking. Phonics classes are small and teachers pay attention to all students. If you want to help your child to become a better reader and speaker in the English language don’t try to explain him your way of reading. Adult people have been taught to read with different methods because phonemic awareness was not popular 15 years ago.


Why should you choose phonics class for your kid?
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