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Why is health screening so important?

Health is not a joke and no matter if it is your health or someone else, you should pay attention to is. Unfortunately there hundreds of illnesses, and we have to be careful with all of them. You don’t have a warranty that you will be healthy all your life, of course, you don’t have a warranty you won’t be healthy. However, screening tests are just tests which aim is to find out disease and conditions before it is too late. Screening tests are a good practice for an early detection because some health conditions don’t have symptoms at all and only possible way to find out that you are carrying a disease is a health screening.

Why health screening matters?

Today we live very stressful life and don’t pay enough attention to our health. Although early diagnose is not going to heal the patient, it will give him bigger leverage. Most of the diseases that become a serious problem for adult people are silent killers, and they don’t know they are ill until serious symptoms appear. In addition, family health history is something that shouldn’t be underestimated, too. Some people are predisposed to conditions because their family members have suffered from them. Potential risks are not yet risks but it doesn’t mean they will not be soon. Health is one of these things in life that we should not play games with it.



However, in Singapore, there are a lot of laboratories who offer to make a cheap or even free health screening. Almost everyone has received pamphlets that encourage people to go to the lab and to make a health screening. Although we want to believe that every single test is important, there are few that are not so important for one health man. For example, in DoctorXDentist you can find a really good review of useful health screening package for men and women. Usually in recommendations labs include X-Ray, tumor markers and other tests which are not recommendable for healthy people. X-Ray irradiates patients and people avoid using it when there is no completely necessary.

In the list of tests every man should do are blood pressure, fasting glucose, fasting lipids level and several more. As you may notice these are tests which aim to prevent heart attack, diabetes, and strokes. Unfortunately, most people have serious conditions linked to the unhealthy way of life and body mass index will show if you are predisposed to them.

In addition, if you are leading your kids to health screening you should ask for a flu vaccination.

People, who work or study with other people, are having bigger chance to catch flu in flu season. This is especially important for students and workers in factories or big offices.

Of course, if you don’t know what you should test, go and ask your doctor. He or she will recommend you the best tests for your health condition without unnecessary stress for your body and mind. When you receive the results go back to your doctor and give them to him. He will read them and explain to you if everything is alright or you should be worried. Don’t make a mistake to try to read your test by yourself because you can miss something important and to neglect some red flag. Doctors are highly educated and know what is best for us.

Health screening is a great tool for modern days. Thanks to the early diagnostic most people avoid serious disease and even mortality. Unfortunately, there are still people, who wait too long until they go to a lab to run some tests.

Why is health screening so important?
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