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The price tag of beautiful eyelids

Although there are non-surgical options available to get double eyelids, those often don’t provide the best results and the other downside is that they aren’t permanent.┬áThis is perhaps why most parents choose a double eyelid surgery for their children because they want the best, instead of going for the non-surgical double eyelid options. Which is the best, however, is often up to personal preferences. Parents always want their kids to be the wisest and the most successful. One of the great benefits of non-surgical double eyelids is that they allow you to test the results without committing to a permanent solution like surgery. If you or your child is looking into getting them, I suggest you look at the non-surgical double eyelid methods over at sgproeyelid.com. In 21 century, sometimes success is measured by the look of the person. It is not always like this but sometimes it is. Numerous businesses depend on beautiful faces and bodies. Of course, beauty for one is completely different for others but there are somethings that people consider as a standard. One of these things is double eyelids from a western look. Asian people don’t have that naturally.

Why do parents force their children to have double eyelid surgery?

It sounds a little too rough but most Asian parents want their children to have equal start with western children. Many Asian people live in western countries and an equal chance for development matters. Let’s not consider this as something new because fashion, advertising, marketing – all these industries and many more depend on human’s beauty. Most of them actually define what is a beauty. Having double eyelids today is a beautiful feature. My dad, for example, has never told me that I am ugly, but he insisted on having a double eyelid surgery when I grow up enough. It was not a bad decision because I love myself with double eyelids. Before my surgery, in Singapore, I used special tape. If you haven’t heard of it, it is exactly like normal tape but you put it on your eyelids, and they stay folded.

How much does it cost around the world?

Double eyelid surgery is not the most popular surgery in the world because fewer people need it. Actually, most people from Asia have it so it is widespread procedure there. The chance you have never heard of it if you live in Europe is huge. However, countries like Singapore are proud of their medical services. Singapore and Korea are both a great choice if you want to have a cosmetic surgery for reasonable expenses. Double eyelid surgery cost in different countries will vary because of clinics, taxes and surgeon’s fee. In Canada, for example, the average price is somewhere between $3500-$6000 depending on the complexity because eyelid surgery is two types – one for the upper eyelid and one for the lower. In Australia, the price is $4000 AUD but it can vary if you choose a more experienced surgeon. In America, the price is similar to this in Australia $2500 and $4000 but again it depends on the clinic. If you are in this area you probably know that everywhere there are clinics that work with celebrities and their taxes and fees are higher. Of course, there are clinics with highly professional surgeons with normal prices but you have to make your own research to find the best. In Singapore, double eyelid surgery is between $3200 and $4000. This price includes consultation, reviews, anaesthesia and the surgery but it doesn’t include your additional expenses if you are not from Singapore. As you may see, the price is less than this in Canada and almost equal to this in the USA.

Changing your eyelids with a surgery is permanent. If you have decided to alter your look, go and find the best surgeon, choose the height of your eyelids and make sure it is natural. The surgeon will do the rest.


The price tag of beautiful eyelids
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