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Double eyelid surgery – different methods

Is it possible one plastic surgery to be famous only because celebrities undergo it? Do you know which one we are talking about? Yes, double eyelid surgery — super famous surgery among Asian celebrities. There is a lot of media noise whether this surgery is appropriate but the fact is that it becomes more and more famous. Asian men and women want to change the shape of their eyes and have gorgeous look without using glue every day. Having the opportunity to have a long-term change is what makes young people rush into plastic clinics with such eagerness. What is the difference between monolids and double eyelids? All that fuzz is for one crease. Unfortunately, eyes are one of the most noticeable parts of our face and every crease makes a difference in our appearance. However Asian double eyelids are not the same as western double eyelids. The difference is in the size of the crease. The idea to have a crease on your upper eyelid but still look Asian is not a bad one. Visible crease gives the eye more volume. In other words, the eye becomes more open and wider. If the woman wants to use makeup, she is able to apply it easier and faster. Of course, due to different eye shapes and skin condition, there are several ways to undergo a double eyelid surgery.

Full incision double eyelid surgery

This is a long-term method and almost everyone who wants to undergo it is able to. The full incision is made on the eyelid allowing excessive fat and skin to be removed, according to Allureplasticsurgery.sg. The tissue has to be removed because open space for a crease is needed. This method is suitable for people which eyelids are different, too. If you have this problem, probably you will need a full incision double eyelid surgery. The suture is not a big one and it is hidden in the crease. If you have some doubts, you can check photos online of people who already undergo double eyelid surgery. A great benefit is that hospitalization is not needed and the patient is free to go very soon after the procedure. Of course, it is a surgery, so there is a recovery time but most people are ready to go back to their daily appointments after a week or two. During the procedure, the surgeon applies to the patient local anesthesia. One of the multiple reasons for this practice is that the patient should be able to open his eyes during the surgery because the surgeon should check whether creases are equal. Stitches are remover very soon after the surgery — after 4,5 days.

Partial-incisional Method

This method is a combination of incisional and non-incisional methods. One thread is used only to form the double eyelid. The surgeon will remove excess fat, too and will attach the muscle to the skin. This procedure is suitable for patients who are afraid of big scarrings. Here the scarring is minimal and it is positioned in the crease again. When fat is removed the eyes stop look like puffy and tired so this is a great advantage for people who have puffy eyes every day. This method corrects droopiness, too. Comparing to the full incisional method this is a shorter procedure and it takes only 30 minutes. Recovery time is shorter, too and stitches are removed 3 days after the surgery. If you are looking for a light plastic surgery with minimum scars this one is for you.

Double eyelid surgery will evolve with years because people want to improve their eyelids. Single eyelids can cause droopiness more often and double eyelid surgery corrects it successfully.


Double eyelid surgery – different methods
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