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You had a Thermage facelift. Now what?

What can you do to prolong and maximize the effect?

If you lived in a cave, you probably don’t know about the most modern type of facelift. A non-surgical procedure promises you to have the skin you dreamed of. Of course, the offer excludes pain and downtime so people don’t have the reason not to love it. In aesthetic clinics in Singapore, there are many treatments that promise eternal beauty but in a month or two effects disappear. A thermage facelift is not one of these procedures or at least you can prolong its effect with a certain skin care.

What can I target with a Thermage treatment?

Most treatments are suitable for face or body only but this one can be used on both. That’s why heating with radio frequency is such a good idea. When we say heating, don’t imagine burning – it is not like that at all. Your dermatologist can improve your eye area without damaging the sensitive skin around the eyes. If you have experience in cosmetic procedures, you know that most treatments are not suitable for eyelids because they are too sensitive. No matter if the problem area is on the upper or lower eyelid, unfortunately, they have too many nerves so its delicate area.

Thermage is suitable for jowl lines, loose cheeks, sagging areas around the neck, etc. Ageing causes sagging all over the face because the gravity doesn’t forgive to anyone. Although, ageing is visible mostly on human’s face body doesn’t stay unaffected, too. Sagging skin can be spotted on certain body areas and it is not a pleasant look. Thermage treatment in Singapore can smooth your skin and fight against cellulite. Yes, you heard the magical word – cellulite. We know that women hate that thing and can’t stop blaming sugar for it. This is just another reason why Thermage is so favourite procedure.

Another benefit is that results look natural. We are all touchy when it comes to our faces, and we prefer to look as natural as possible. Thermage lifting procedure in Singapore provides exactly this type of results so your friends will notice the difference but won’t know how you did it.

What is so special about Thermage?

Well, you know that the machine uses heat that targets the epidermis. Heat can make several things like tightening collagen that is already in the cells and provoke them to produce more. Heat gives a reason to the cells to start fighting and live another day. First signs of the procedure are visible because the heat is targeting existing collagen; the next signs come in several months. That’s why most people are so happy with that treatment because they can’t stop getting more and more improvements. You will be glad to see that your face is getting younger day after day – it’s like the time is reversed. Of course, magical turning back time is not possible but certainly magical improving ageing skin and sagging is possible. The thermage facelift treatment has many benefits but like most things – it’s not the best for everything. There are quite a few scenarios where it may not be the best option to take but often doctors who only specialize in Thermage will not tell you that. This is why you should also read this amazing article on why and when Thermage facelift is not the most appropriate treatment for you by Dr Chua Cheng Yu who is an experienced aesthetic doctor who writes honestly about many topics related to the extremely popular beauty industry in Singapore.

What Thermage can’t do?

The best patient is an informed one. That’s why knowing what you can’t achieve with this treatment is a good thing. Thermage tightens skin but it doesn’t have an effect on loose muscles and fat deposits. So if you have ptosis for example, then you Thermage won’t help you. For those who don’t know what ptosis is, it is loose eye muscle. Another thing you should have in mind is that the procedure is OK for areas where you don’t have tattoos. Unfortunately, if you have ink in your epidermis you can’t have Thermage treatment in Singapore.

What should you do after the treatment?

First, 24 hours you may have swelling and redness but it is not as bad as it sounds. Not everyone report for side effects like these so you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have red skin. After the procedure, there are not many things you should take care of and most of them should be your daily routine even without the procedure:

  • Use sunscreen. Knowing the damage that sun can make on your skin and take care of it, is the responsible method of getting this chocolate ten that you want.
  • Use cleanser every night before going to bed. Hygiene includes removing dirt from your face and letting your pores to breath.
  • Use day creams that contain antioxidants like green tea. In addition, you can add some vitamins – E and C. They will help collagen production, too.
  • Moisturizing is the enemy of wrinkles so use as many moisturizing products as you can.
  • Peeling is the enemy of wide pores and dirt so peel your skin at least once every three days. If outside is hot and you are sweating a lot then you might peel your skin more often.
  • Manage a good diet. Having a healthy skin without inflammatory depends on the hydration, cleaning and eating. Don’t forget that everything that we eat has an impact on our body.
You had a Thermage facelift. Now what?
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