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Wedding photo booth ideas

A wedding is one of the most important celebrations in our lives. Often we started to plan our own weddings long before we have even a partner. No matter how many weddings you have had, you will want your family and friends to have fun during your ceremony and celebration. Having the best wedding is not an easy task and we know that every bride wants to have the best one. We have gathered several pretty fancy wedding photo booth ideas and recommendations which will allow you to organize your party easier.

Do you know why photos from your wedding are important? First, they are a great memory and you can save them for a long time. Second, people love to watch themselves on photos and the biggest social media prove this fact. Hiring a wedding photo booth in Singapore is giving you the opportunity to have quality photos with almost no efforts. GIF Photobooths, like Ubersnap, are even better experiencing because they can capture movement and will print your GIF photos immediately.

One amazing idea when you use a photo booth is to make different backdrops and props for the occasion. Actually, you can use some of our ideas.

Photo booth vintage van

Do you or some of your friends have an old bus? Yes, this is tricky questions but if you have the opportunity to use an old buss use it. Add some flowers and old vases; add one or two pineapples and some old curtains. This should be enough and the old van will become a brand new vintage van suitable for photo shooting. You and your partner will look like young people who are ready to travel all over the world happily married.

Lace wedding photo booth

Find some park with green grass and trees. Hang curtains and lace in different colors on the trees and position photo booth there. Add some flowers in pots or green tree branches over the lace. It will become like a garden from fairytales. Extremely important is to use only fresh colors like green, blue, and pink, yellow. Don’t use black lace because it will give the wrong idea.

Frames are always a good idea for a wedding photo booth.

Frames are giving the expression that everything in them is a picture. As you may guess, people love to use frames on their photos because there is something magical in the idea a photo in a photo in a photo. Hanging wooden frames in some garden will be the perfect spot for photo shooting. We promise you, that all your guests will think the same and will make hundreds of photos there. Another more modern idea with frames is to use specially designed Facebook frame with Like, Comment, Share signs. It is pretty fun especially if you are a Facebook fan.

Doors as an entrance to the new life

If you had repaired your house recently and have some spare old door – use it. Position it carefully because you don’t want to fall down in the middle of the ceremony and use it as a backdrop. What is a better symbol for marriage than door to heaven?

Hiring a GIF photo booth for your wedding is a great idea, too. The professional photographer will explain to all your guests how to use the booth properly. You can have as many copies as you want and the best benefit is that photos are ready in a second. This is really useful for weddings where guests are not very familiar with each other very well and ice-breaker is needed.


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