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Surgical or Non-surgical Facelift pros and cons

Women all over the world save their money to have a facelift or dream to have one. Five years ago breast implants were the most popular procedure but today facelift has grabbed the prize. Plastic surgery has always been in the eyesight of media and celebrities so facelift today is one of the most discussed topics. Recent research shows that people who had a facelift look 3 years younger, unfortunately, they don’t look more attractive. It sounds like an irony but it is true. If this becomes the popular outcome of a facelift, there is a big chance a new plastic surgery to conquer hearts of people. There is an alternative of a facelift, called “Thread lift“, which is cheaper and with less down time.

Why do people want to improve their face?

Our body is constantly changing due to stress, habits or age. Women are the gender that pays more attention to their appearance or at least they sacrifice more time. As soon as people are over 40 years, their skin starts sagging a little. This is more obvious in the neck and face area. Wrinkles are the inevitable result of sagging so women panic in an attempt to preserve their youth as long as possible. Thanks to the wrong body posture, chin and neck have merged, too. We mentioned that these changes are after 40 but sometimes there are visible results years earlier. People who look older than they are, have wrong habits, like smoking or too much sunbathing.

A surgical or non-surgical facelift should I choose?

There is no simple answer to this question. A surgical facelift is still a surgery so it has side effects. For example, there is a chance if the surgeon is not an experienced one, patient to have sensation loss or skin discolouration. Of course, these effects are rare and if you have decided to have a surgical facelift you shouldn’t worry about them. Actually, people use this term “non-surgical facelift”, for every procedure that can improve skin condition – this list includes Chemical peels, Botox and Laser Resurfacing. Botox and dermal fillers are one group of treatments, but they have a different effect. Botox freeze faces muscles while dermal fillers fill the wrinkles. Both procedures can achieve natural look only from an experienced dermatologist. In other words, not only they won’t improve your appearance but can make it worse easily.

A surgical procedure can remove more skin from the patient’s face, while laser treatment, for example, can’t do that. So if you want to make the best decision, grab a piece of paper and write down pros and cons of all non-surgical facelifts or check Asia Roxy facelift review. The one thing you will totally win from having a non-surgical facelift is reduced risk. Surgeries are usually accompanied by a general anaesthesia. Most people know that this is not a great experience, so they want to avoid it at every cost. Unfortunately, non-surgical facelift, as Botox is a temporal thing and you should repeat it regularly.



The more expensive facelift doesn’t mean more successful one.

We all know that sometimes the price is defining. However, this is totally true, if you are shopping tomatoes or some vegetables. When we speak of a medical procedure, the price is not everything. People and their skin are different so there is no guarantee that if one type of facelift has perfect results on someone else it will have the same on you. Don’t try to compare results because most times you will misjudge the right situation. However, it is a good advice to ask your dermatologist before the procedure to show you some of his previous patients. Do this for more information, only. In the end, the decision should be yours based on your knowledge and research you have done for procedures.

Surgical or Non-surgical Facelift pros and cons
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