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How to remove your eye bags fast?

Aging is not a pleasant experience. Not only your body is changing but it starts to change too obviously. Often women feel ashamed and their self-esteem decreases with every year. Although we linked white hair with aging, the skin is not spared by the years, too. We apply a lot of makeup to hide the symptoms of aging and convince ourselves that they are not noticeable. Unfortunately, makeup can’t make miracles for a long time. There are a lot of face masks which are able to get back the fresh look to your face just in seconds but their effect is not permanent, explains Israrwong. However, we managed to find out some remedies that are proven to remove eye bags fast because we believe that every woman deserves to be beautiful.

Almond oils (every oil)

Oils are amazing! If you still don’t have a whole cupboard with little bottles with oils, shame on you. Natural oils have everything that your skin needs. You will feel how your skin drinks every drop you apply on it. Almond oil can make some magic with dark circles because it contains lightening elements. Apply it on your eye bags every night and if there is excessive oil in the morning wash it off. However, I really doubt that your skin will not “drink” it all during the night.

Cucumber and potato for your eye bags

No, this is not a recipe for some salad. You can use cucumbers to return freshness on your eyes. Everything green in your fridge can be included in somebody or face mask and cucumber is not an exception. Cucumbers have some mild astringent and lightening properties so you can cut a few slices and apply them on your face. The Best combo is drinking a smoothie with cucumber and using the rest of it for face masks at the same time. Potato contains lightening elements, too. That’s why you can use it like a cucumber (don’t drink it) just apply some slices on your eyes for few minutes and then rinse with water. Not only potato slices will help you to get rid of eye bags, but they can bleach them, too. What a surprise, right?



Lemon and tomato

Unlikely potato and cucumber, we will use lemon and tomato together. A mix of these fruits (both of them are fruits) will save you from raccoon eyes. Tomato has some amazing properties that will bleach your darken eye circles and lemon will increase the effect. Mix a tomato juice with lemon juice and apply it on your eyes for 10 – 15 minutes. If you have enough spare time, you can do this twice per day or even more. Don’t forget to rinse it after 10 minutes because lemon can irritate your skin.

Fillers for longer effect

All these homemade remedies have a temporal effect so if you need something more reliable you should book an appointment with an aesthetic doctor. If you find an experienced aesthetic doctor, he will explain in depth all possible treatments and their effects. You should not be afraid because procedures that reduce eye bags are really easy and painless. Eye bag removal therapies are undergone for several minutes and their results are visible immediately. Most people think that they will have a downtime but with these easy procedures that is completely necessary. Fillers are injected in the under eye area, and they improve the condition of the skin from the inside. Although doctors are using needles there is no scarring because needles are really thin.

How to remove your eye bags fast?
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