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Where people don`t have access to clean water?

Do you know how many people don`t have access to clean water at all? Do you know that there are people who drink dirty water and kids who daily suffer consequences? Access to clean water and sanitation are connected. People who don’t have access to it, go to toilet outside and have a bigger percentage death cases by infection and viruses.

77% of the people who live in Eritrea don’t have toilets. Cholera, dysentery, hepatitis A, and diarrhea are just a few of the infections that cause serious health problems in this country. Of course, the world is not staying unobtrusive and there are people who are helping this country. A data reveals that there is certain progress in these areas and people improve their way of life. The first thing that the rest of the world try to assure is clean drinking water because it is the most important thing and without it, mortality will be raising every day. Ethiopia is another country who had bad conditions but thanks to common efforts today they have big improvements. For example, 90% of their population has used open toilets 10 years ago. Today, only 25% of people still have open toilets.

Last decade people have improved their access to water sources.

The numbers show that 91% of people use improved water sources, which means cleaner water. People who drink directly from the water source are less than 10%, which is amazing. For example, in 1996 this percentage was 76%. One number shows improvement, too. The number of people who don’t have access to clean drinkable water has reduced to 663 million from 700 million. It is a huge number but there is a hope at the end of the tunnel. If you didn’t know, 2% of all the donation goes to water supplies and structures. Unfortunately, this percent can’t raise bigger because in these areas people need other things, too.

Unfortunately, there is a downside. Donations create structures and people have access to clean water, but they don’t have it at home. So most women are occupied to take care of the water supply for their families and some of them spend 4,6 hours daily. This is an enormous amount of time because women can’t work or do something different. This is one of the differences between societies and the population in a different end of the world. In Western Europe, there are no women who have to go to pour clean water. Actually, if something like this happens women organizations will start to popularize the idea of equality.

However, my idea was to explain to you how important is water for us. We can ignore it and take it for granted but in fact, it is something we can’t live without. Yesterday, we acquired in our office a hot and cold water dispenser from Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd. and all these thoughts burst into my head. A hot and cold dispenser is a water machine that has a filter and cleans your water. It is one, of these clever machines, that makes our life easier. To have a hot and cold water dispenser in Singapore is not a big deal because the water here is not dirty as it is in Africa, for example. But it is certainly a convenience because it is a way easier to have cold or hot water whenever you want without a single effort. It sounds like we are spoiled kids but clean water is a right, so we should take the opportunity for us and help others, too.



Where people don`t have access to clean water?
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