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Men’s bespoke suits: having a suit tailored is a privilege

Men don’t adore shops and tailoring as much as women do it. There is a chance, one man to panic when he finds out that he has to visit a tailor shop, like Graziaa and ask for a men’s bespoke suits. Don’t get me wrong, men love the idea they will have a suit made for them only but they hate the idea they have to go through the fitting and measuring. Let me tell you a secret when you have an experienced tailor all these fittings are more like drinking a cup coffee outside on a sunny day. That’s why we made a simple guide on what you should expect in the tailor shop.

Why bespoke suits are so praised?

Imagine that you love cheese but you love it so much that you might feel the taste of the cheese only when you are thinking of it. Now, imagine that you will be able to own the perfect cheese only for you and it will never end. You can eat as many cheese as you want and the plate will be full always. Probably, while you are reading this you become hungry that’s why I will cut the metaphor. Unfortunately, this cheese doesn’t exist but suits specially made for you do exist. Every step of the tailoring and the cutting is made by a highly experienced tailor who estimates all your body size and curves. Men’s bespoke suits are something special – they last.

If you don’t know what you want or need, calm down its ok

Most men don’t know what they want at first. They know suits consists of trousers, coats and waistcoats but that’s all. The professional tailor will start with the question of how many pieces you would prefer. Suits without waistcoats are called 2-piece suits, while these with shirts and waistcoats – 4-piece suits. Then he will proceed with the style because the coat might be single breasted or double breasted. Double breasted coats might have 2, 4 or 6 buttons. There are cuttings with even 8 buttons.

Work in progress with a tailor sewing a coat

If you are already lost try to think about where you are going to wear the suit and explain it to your tailor. If you are not planning to wear it in the office every day then you might want to pledge the durability for lightness.

The tailor will show you suits with one, two or three rows with buttons. You might even try some of them to see if you like more or fewer buttons. The coat design has similar characteristics like shirt and trousers designs – sack, structured, fitted.

While you are discussing what you prefer, the tailor might start measuring you. In order to make the best suit for your body, he will measure your height, the length of the arms, the legs, waist, shoulders, even your seat and its slope. Why so many measurements are necessary?

Imagine that you have a big seat – this is extremely important for the vent of the suit. There are 3 types of vents – centre vent, side vent and without vent. For men with big seat coats without vents are not comfortable at all. These little things are what distinguishes professional tailor from the rest. They will tell you what will look good on you depending on your body. That’s why when you visit men’s bespoke suit tailor such as Graziaa you should be ready for pieces of advice and recommendations along with questions like “where do you plan to wear the suit?”.

In addition, your tailor might look serious but this is not because he doesn’t know what to do but because he is concentrated. Fun fact is that most people don’t know where to hold their hands when the tailor takes their measurements. Let me tell you another secret just drop them down as naturally as possible. If your tailor says something else then move or lift them.

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