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Let me tell you about my Pico laser treatment

We all have some unwanted pigmentation but when it becomes too much or too obvious it gets irritating. I have acquired a few big pigmented spots thanks to sun burning and ageing because there is a significant difference being in your 20s and your 40s. Ageing spots and acne scars might be something that doesn’t scare young ladies but terrifies me. I had the feeling that my face is so ugly that I don’t have to go out without tons of makeup. Of course, it wasn’t so bad but my idea for things was different. That’s why my best friend booked me an appointment for Pico Laser Treatment in Singapore. I admit I was affected by the review I read on Vanessamissylove.com about Pico Laser Treatment. Anyway she did it because she got tired of me complaining and not doing anything. You probably know how compelling the best friends are. She has a similar procedure with Dr Lee Mun Heng so she has some experience with this type of aesthetic procedures.

Why has she chosen Pico Laser Treatment for me?

OK, Pico is next generation of so popular picosecond laser so it has improvements. It is created to target pigmentation spots and to ruin them. When I say ruin, I mean to break them into so little particles that the body can easily throw them away. This effect is possible because of the photoacoustic effect. The special advantage is that the surrounding area is left uncrippled. Your dermatologist will point the machine exactly on your pigmentation spot and it will do the rest.

If you desire to get rid of pigmented spots completely you should have at least 3, 4 treatments. However, right after the first one, you will notice an improvement. Just to be sure you can make some photos and compare the results. The best clinics do that for their patients so when you are choosing your clinic to make sure you ask for it.

How was it?

It was not painful at all. If you have to compare it with a real pain probably you won’t consider Pico Laser treatment for a real one. The doctor holds some cooling device next to the laser so the area was kind of numb. In addition, I had goggles to protect my eyes, and I was comfortably lying on a medical bed. When the Laser penetrates the skin it kind of burns the pigmented tissue so there is a slight smell but it is not something intolerable.

What was my face next days?

Laser treatment causes dryness and redness. Some people experience these effects more, some less, so it depends on the type of the skin and the level of pigmentation you have. However, you have to be prepared for little redness. You have to protect your skin with sunblock at least a week after every treatment so it is a good idea to have one in your purse. The doctor will apply moisturizing cream on your face right after the procedure so you don’t have to worry about your skin hydration first day. I forget to mention that the procedure is super fast itself. Your doctor will run the machine for 10 minutes top so you can have it on your lunch break.



How much does it cost?

The average price for Pico Laser treatment in Singapore is $500 so you have to between $2 000 and $3 000 for the whole treatment. Of course, most clinics in Singapore have discounts for more procedures so you have to ask yours. Make sure you have chosen a professional dermatologist with a lot of experience in pigmentation spots and laser treatments if you want to have the best results for short period of time.

Let me tell you about my Pico laser treatment
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