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Kids injuries could be dangerous

Children don’t have breaks and run around all the time. Parents usually feel overwhelmed by following them and sometimes incidents happen. However, every year, there are kids who had bad incidents that could be prevented. We are not claiming that houses and parks can become magically incidents proof, but we are claiming that if people pay more attention to details kids injury doctors won’t have jobs.

Everyone can make a few slight changes in his home in order children to have a safe day. If you are noticing your child to have troubles breathing, has hit somewhere so bad that he can’t stop crying (this means that probably some bone is broken) don’t hesitate to call an ambulance. In Singapore the emergency number is 995, make sure you have it in your phone.

How to prevent falls?

Orthopaedic for kids could never prevent every fall so you should be prepared for child crying. However, you can reduce the risks of serious traumas easily. Falling is one the most often reason why your kid has a bruise or a swelling. Of course, how serious is the fall depends on the height, the surface and objects on the ground? If your child falls on broken glasses don’t expect to have little blood, contrary expect a lot of blood and a lot of crying.

If your child is toddler then you should look the space from its perspective not yours for dangers. First thing every parent should do is to make the area safe as removing all the objects from the play area. If on the floor there is a rug that is higher, you should remove it. Toddlers can’t make big steps so you should make floors as flat as possible. Another thing you should have in mind is sharp corners. If you go down on your knees and elbows and try to walk on the floor check if there are corners that can hurt you. They will hurt your child 100%.

It may sounds, not very serious but It is not OK to carry away your child with the rocket chair. A better decision would be to carry your child only and leave the rocket chair lying on the flat surface.

Orthopaedic for kids always give good examples

Things should be done more carefully and more precisely because when you are in a hurry more incidents happen.

The changing table is another special place where a baby is in a little danger. The ends of the table should raise a bit to prevent your kid from falling. This won’t stop him or her moving so you should hold him while changing.

Children are curious how things work, so they touch everything constantly

If you see your child holding scissors, for example, try to pay attention if he is not going to cut himself. Don’t let him run away with sharp toys or other dangerous objects.

If you want to make your home more safety – safety first, then use lights on stairs that turn on automatically if something moves. This way you will be sure that your children will see stairs every time. Another good idea is using a non-slippery bath math in your bath so the chances of slipping reduce to a minimum.

All these recommendations will not give you a 100% warranty that incidents won’t happen but you will know for sure that you have taken the optimal safety measures.


Kids injuries could be dangerous
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