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International school fees in Singapore

International school fees – without a doubt those are expensive and every parent in Singapore should know that.

Having a child is as much fun as it is a responsibility. There are many decisions that parents should make and all of them have to be the right decisions. In other hands, their kid’s future can be ruined. If you think that we exaggerate, imagine that your child falls into the wrong preschool and can’t learn to read and write properly. Then he will have troubles making friends and his self-esteem will be low. Next step will be low accomplishments in school and no sports achievements. Until you realize how wrong you were putting your child in the wrong preschool, he will be an elder man with issues. That’s why preschools are so important because they give the start and first steps are the most important ones. Singapore is a big city and there are many schools and preschools. The truth is that all of them are good, but only some of them are the best. International schools in Singapore, like GEMS World Academy, are known to have higher International school fees so you should be prepared to pay more.

In Singapore, there are many international schools because many people migrate to live and work there.

If you are just checking for information, you will find out that there are fees from $20,000 to $40,000. Depending on the school there are an application fee, annual tuition fee, and admission fee. Some international schools have even facilities fee. If you see the final fee, check what is included because if you consider it for too high maybe it includes some expenses that are not included in lower fees. International schools in Singapore offer quality education with teachers who have experience with children all over the world. In addition, these schools have one of the best school facilities and children are able to develop their potential fully.

If we have to tell you, what is the average fee for an international school in Singapore then the number is around $30,000. If the school has application fee then you may want to ask if it is refundable or not, because some application fees can reach $3,500.

Additional school fees, you should have in mind.

If you want your kid to eat in the canteen, then you should pay up to $2,000. School bus fee can reach up to $6,000 per year so you should make a decision if it won’t be a better idea to drive your kid to school every morning. Don’t forget that you should spend a small amount for uniforms, too. It is not as high as the annual fee, but it can reach $400. The good news is that buying a uniform is a way better than buying clothes. Sometimes international schools have discounts for brothers and sisters in the same school so if you have two or more children, you should ask. In addition, some international schools in Singapore want the whole fee at the beginning while others want only a part of the fee.

This type of education in Singapore is expensive but it comes with some great benefits. For example, the environment is highly suitable for children who are in the country for a short period. They can make friends with other international students, so they can share their experience with adapting. In addition, educators are the most experienced one because they have to work with bilingual children. International school fee is indeed higher but it is a justifiable expense.

International school fees in Singapore
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