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What are the most common causes of hair loss?

Every princess has a long and thick hair. Unfortunately, fairy tales are expressing a world which doesn’t exist. Having a long, thick hair can be a tough and almost impossible task. Some people are born with thin hair while some destroy it later. We all have read hundreds of recommendations how to take care of our mane but to be honest — most of them are not working. However, there are several things we should have in mind if we want to restore it and to prevent more loss.

Nutrition is extremely important for hair loss treatment

We receive most of our vitamins and nutrients with food so why people exist who don’t believe food is important. The most common cause of illnesses and diseases is not enough or right nutrition. Hair loss is just one additional conditional which could be affected by the wrong ingredients in our food. What should we eat to have a long, strong hair? Patients should eat meat, nuts, milk products, eggs, and fruits. Protein is really important for our body structure and if you combine some hair loss treatment with the right diet, the results will be spectacular. Include in your diet zinc, iron and biotin. The additional benefit is that your nails will become stronger, too. So it is a win-win situation.

Stress can affect on your hair, not in a good way

Have you noticed your hair condition when you are under stress? Yes, if you are going through a stressful week, your hair becomes more loose and thin. Most girls are cutting their hair before an exam due to hair loss. Stress is harmful to all your body so reducing it levels will affect your mood and health condition in a good way.



Taking care of your hair

How often do you dye your hair? If you are not taking care, dyeing can harm your scalp and hair very fast. Specialists recommend using a color which is close to your own color but sometimes this is not enough. On the market, there are plenty of products that promise volume and shine with a magical trick. Have in mind that only oils can improve your hair condition and if the cosmetic product doesn’t contain oils, it won’t be as useful as you think.

What should you do if your hair needs hair loss treatment?

Every hair salon and hairdresser will recommend you a different therapy. Try to stay skeptical and think rationally. Most treatments available on the market have only partial success and most people don’t see the difference at all. There is one different therapy which is created by board-certified doctors, not by hairdressers — Meso Scalp Remedy. In Follicle hair center Meso scalp remedy is a signature treatment based on a science. The specialists will clean your scalp and will use stem cells to stimulate hair growth. They will use a laser to strength the follicles. The procedure is a complex and it takes time and knowledge to be performed. In Follicle hair center customers can make a hair test and find out what is the structure of the hair. If there is some imbalance in hair structure, this test will show it and specialists will recommend you the best treatment for your case.

Having an amazing hair is achievable but it will cost you time and patience. There is no such thing as successful and fast results if you want a long-term solution you should be patient and change your diet and stress levels.

What are the most common causes of hair loss?
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