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When it comes to credit cards, safety should be first.

Years ago, plastic cards were not so popular and people worried about their money more than their cards. Today, the situation is completely different. Almost everyone has at least one credit card. People use them because they are a convenient way to bring money without really bringing money. Not only it is a convenient way to pay for your expenses, but also most credit cards have bonuses and rebates if you use them regularly.

If you want to have a credit card with many bonuses, you can check Finty.com and get your cash rewards and other gifts. However, no matter how cool is your new or old credit card you should never post a photo of it on your social media. I know it is tempting because most plastic cards have gorgeous backgrounds and you look cool having one. Don’t think, that if your Facebook profile is limited to your friends only, they can’t send your photos to other people. Social media is not for sharing personal information in it so don’t do it with your documents. Yes, a credit card is a document and it is an important one.

Another great advice is to be careful to whom you give your credit card number. If someone calls you and asks for it, don’t give it. Actually don’t give any personal information, over the phone or online. If you shop online, check if the website is secure before filling your credit card info. If you have doubts, better don’t take this risk. There are plenty websites that are not friendly and want some personal information so you should be extremely careful.

We have gathered a list of more common advice how to protect your credit card.

When it comes to credit cards, safety should be first, indeed. For example, don’t write your PIN code on your card or your phone. You can’t imagine how many people do this, actually I was one of them. I have written my PIN code on my phone. Then my phone was stolen and I realize what I mistake I have done. Don’t do this, be smart! Don’t bring all of your cards everywhere you go. Sometimes it is a good idea to bring only one of them or none in case you lost your purse or wallet. The best idea I have found online is to have two separate wallets, one for money and business cards and one for your credit card. This way if one of them is stolen or lost, the chances to be that one with your credit cards is reduced by half.

Let’s talk about your credit card documents

From the moment you apply for a credit card, you have at least 10 papers with your name and personal information on them. You have to destroy them. If you change your address, be sure that you mail from your bank doesn’t go to your old address. Although they are only bank statements, they still can be used in your harm. If you don’t have a paper shredder, borrow from a friend and take care of your papers.

Don’t be irresponsible with your credit cards. Additional advice is to keep it away from kids because your children or nephew can go shopping without your knowledge. My best friend’s kid did this and of course, he was grounded after that but the experience stays. My point was that one credit card is never as safe as we think so keep in mind all these recommendations.



When it comes to credit cards, safety should be first.
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