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You had a Thermage facelift. Now what?

What can you do to prolong and maximize the effect? If you lived in a cave, you probably don’t know about the most modern type of facelift. A non-surgical procedure

The price tag of beautiful eyelids

Although there are non-surgical options available to get double eyelids, those often don’t provide the best results and the other downside is that they aren’t permanent.┬áThis is perhaps why most

Hair loss and antidepressants

How to stop hair loss is often the main issue of people, who visit dermatologists. People love their hair and can’t bear the idea of losing it. Different genders have

How to remove your eye bags fast?

Aging is not a pleasant experience. Not only your body is changing but it starts to change too obviously. Often women feel ashamed and their self-esteem decreases with every year.