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Benefits of Physical therapy

Physical therapists are people who are going to help you if you have some physical injury or something is not functioning right

APTA or American Physical Therapy Association has defined physical therapists as doctors who are able to diagnose if there is a physical abnormality, to determine a plan for rehabilitation and to prescribe medicines if needed. All physiotherapists should own a license for their practices. If you are looking for physiotherapist in Singapore, you can find one in every hospital, outpatient office, rehab centre, private practice. In most nursing homes, schools and fitness centres there are physiotherapists available, too. That’s because children and people who sort actively have a higher chance of physical injuries.

What physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapy might be a part of bigger treatment but it might be a standalone option. Some patients are sent to physiotherapist’s office because their GP recommend them while some look for suitable treatment without first visiting their GPs. If you go to PhysioActive, their physiotherapists in Singapore will diagnose your condition and will recommend you the best treatment no matter if it includes pills or just exercises.

First, the medical professional will start with exanimation and evaluation of your physical condition. If you have some old traumas, you have to share the information with him. He will test your mobility, posture, motion of your muscles and joints. Then based on tests he will tell you the diagnose and his expectations about your recovery. Then he will explain to you what your rehabilitation will include and how long before you will see any results. You should know that physical therapy has positive results after a while. Exercises are not pills and don’t start to work immediately so time is needed for every rehabilitation. While physiotherapist works with you, you should do your best and not speculate with your flexibility and pain. If you repeat exercises at home, the results will come faster.

What kinds of health conditions require physiotherapy?

We have already mentioned that patients who have any kind of traumas or injuries can look for physiotherapists help but there are plenty other conditions. For example, Cardiopulmonary conditions, musculoskeletal dysfunctions, like joint disorders and back pain, Neurological conditions (after them patients have partial paralysis), spinal cord injuries, vestibular dysfunction.

What types of results can patients expect?

Depending on the original reason why patients look for a physiotherapist in Singapore, the results can vary. Of course, the time for recovery will vary, too. If the patient has visited the physiotherapist’s office because he had experienced some type of back pain or neck pain, prescribed rehabilitation will relieve the pain in several treatments. Some cases are so successful that patients are saved from surgery and don’t have to lie under the knife after rehabilitation.

People, who have some type of injury and have lost their mobility, might expect to restore it fully or partially thanks to exercises. People who had stroke might expect to restore their mobility, too. Ageing people who start to suffer osteoporosis might find a pain relief and rehabilitation.

For people who sport actively, physiotherapists can offer rehabilitation that will improve their final performance. They know how to maximize muscle and joint work. Everything we have listed may vary because every patient has a different medical history.

Some insurances include physiotherapy so you should check yours. In addition, some of them have list with recommended physiotherapists so you can find easily the best one for you. Otherwise, you might ask some friends for a recommendation or just browse the web.


Benefits of Physical therapy
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