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Art enrichment class – how to choose wisely?

Have you noticed that children have too much energy? Children’s brains and bodies are developing very fast, and they have a lot of energy which should be released. This process is constant for 15 years and parents should find additional activities that will improve their children’s behavior and habits. As you may guess, regular school is not enough. This is the reason why most parents sign their heirs to different sports activities because they hope when kids come at home eventually to be quiet and obedient. Enrichment classes were very popular few years ago and today we may witness to their returning. Most schools have enrichment programs after or before regular classes. Have in mind that they are used more like study hall where kids are nurtured. There are enrichment classes in Singapore where children really learn new things and participate in activities. The difference between sports classes after school and art enrichment classes, like Muzart, is that art class will develop both — mind and body.

Visiting an enrichment class is not something your kid must do but it is recommendable. So the next choice is what kind of enrichment programme to sign for. There are plenty programmes and daycare centers, but we recommend choosing wisely. Forcing your kid to chase a ball half day, if he doesn’t want to do that, is not the best option. On the other hand, art classes in Singapore are very popular and improve creativity and discipline. Not long ago there were several studies that prove art classes are stimulating more than creativity and the ability to draw.

What are the advantages of one art enrichment class?

It is not a surprise that art classes are intended for kids of all ages. If you have a toddler at home, there is an art class for him, too. The advantage of participating art class, while growing, is that brain activity is developing faster and some important character traits are formed easier. For example, children who are signed for enrichment class learn not only how to draw but how to hold a pen, how to make difference between colors, how to choose what to paint on the white paper and what means one drawing comparing to another. Children in art classes in Singapore are better problem solvers. If you have some doubt, try to imagine how many possible ways there are to draw one house. When children faced the opportunity to choose what to draw and how exactly to do it, they become better thinkers and problem solvers really fast.

In addition, art classes as part of enrichment programme are developing creativity and valuable ability to express your mind and feelings. One of the first things that children learn in the class is a different influence on the color. Why one color is considered warm, another — cold. In higher levels of the class, they try to explain and to analyze paintings of famous artists, because art has a lot in common with analyzing and understanding.



Children develop their creativity due to a lot of fun games and activities.

Different levels of the art class include finger painting, collage making and etc. if you are afraid, that art classes in Singapore are not fun enough, you should check how many funny ways there are to paint and draw. Teachers are paying an extra attention to all kids and you will notice it when your child starts to bring at home his works. Some children draw things that adults can’t draw thanks to good teachers and educational methods. Art enrichment class is a wise choice when you are looking for a class that will develop your child’s mind and body.

Art enrichment class – how to choose wisely?
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