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An Honest Invisalign Review

There are plenty of reviews online for Invisalign braces but most of them are almost the same. The truth is there are few things that dentists don`t tell you or don`t pay so much attention to such an insignificant for the topic. However, people who had braces know how irritating they might become. Let`s find out what are other useful tips in our Invisalign Singapore review with Dentaldesigns help. Keep reading and we promise you at the end of the post you will know if you want to improve your smile with Invisalign.

How committed you are to straighten your teeth?

This is an extremely useful question so you have better answer it before spending a fortune for Invisalign. As you may know, you can remove Invisalign braces from your teeth. Not only you can but you will have to because you shouldn`t eat with them. After every meal, you have to brush your teeth and put braces back. Now imagine that you just get your new pair of Invisalign and they are so tight that you actually can feel your teeth moving. OK, this is absolutely not possible, but you will feel pressure and discomfort. If you are not 100% committed to the idea then you will not be able to force yourself to put them back again. So, eventually, the treatment won`t work for you and the patient will have at least 200 excuses.

In most Invisalign reviews pain is not included

But, oh, she is there hiding. Probably we have to mention that Invisalign braces are not only one pair of braces but many different pairs which you have to change every 2-3 weeks. Of course,  each following pair is smaller and tighter. First few days, after having a new pair the pain will be a significant one. It is a dull constant pain, which might annoy you.

Girls will have to be careful with lipsticks

The idea of Invisalign braces is to be as invisible as possible so having a stain from a gloss on them, make them obvious. Girls have to forget about glosses and use only dry matte lipsticks with lots of caution. It is not a big deal if you have a stain on the Invisalign braces for the Invisalign itself but the patient`s self-esteem may suffer.

Woman brushing her teeth

Snacking and drinking coffee becomes a challenge

Every single time you remove your Invisalign braces you have to brush your teeth afterwards. In Invisalign Singapore reviews in Dentaldesigns this is often mentioned. That`s why, if you love little snacks between meals, you will have a problem. If you don`t mind brushing and flossing your teeth 10 times per day, go on and do it. Most people give back the snack and eat only when they have to. That`s one good outcome if you want to get rid of some kilos. Unlike eating, drinking is allowed while you have your Invisalign pair on your teeth. This is partly good news, partly a bad one. Most sugar drinks leave stains on your braces so they become obvious like you have a stain from lipstick. That`s why no matter you can, you shouldn`t drink colourful beverages without removing Invisalign braces.

Your toothbrush will be your best friend

While you are wearing Invisalign braces, you will have a new accessory with you all the time – toothbrush. Grab some travel-sized toothbrush and bring it with you everywhere. Some people feel really ashamed they have to wash their teeth in front of other people – public restrooms – but it is something they get used to. At the end of the day, the effort will be awarded.

You`re going to lisp a little

Yes, this is not the best thing you can imagine but it is the reality. Most people adapt quickly but it is inevitable for the first 10 days at least not to lisp. Don`t panic and try talking slowly.

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