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Aesthetic clinics in Singapore with positive reviews

Singapore is a great country with many great plastic surgeons and experienced dermatologist. People from different ends of the world, travel to Singapore just to get their skin fixed or their boobs lifted. If you live somewhere in Asia and you don’t know anybody who had a plastic surgery in Singapore, probably you have lived in a cave. In Singapore, most plastic surgeons have finished their education in one of 12 medical schools and later have accumulated more experience in other countries. It is a common practice for young surgeons to work in Korea for a while, for example. However, thanks to quality education of medical practice, experienced surgeons have created their aesthetic clinics and today Singapore is able to benefit from their experience. Here is a list of Singapore Top 5 Premium Aesthetic Clinics with rating and affordability.

Calvin chan Clinic

Dr. Calvin Chan is an exception to what we have explained above because he has finished its education at the University of Western Australia. Later he has moved his practice in Singapore and opened a clinic for aesthetic surgery and laser treatments. Calvin chan Clinic is a medical clinic approved by the FDA. Every surgeon will tell you that aesthetic medicine is not an easy segment of the medicine. A good aesthetic surgeon should stay on the crest of a wave and visit numerous medical conferences and workshops not only in Singapore but in countries around the world.
In Calvin chan Clinic you will find a full range of procedures for hair and skin, including body contouring and laser treatments. Face procedures include skin rejuvenation, dermal fillers, thermage lifting, Botox, face peeling and many more. If you want to check a full list of available treatments and facial skin procedures then check their website. In addition, for body contouring, they provide liposonix, coolsculpting, ultherapy, velashape, etc.



Sloane clinic

Sloane clinic is next clinic we will pay attention to. It is established 2003 and since then a team of professionals help people to highlight their natural beauty. All members of the clinic visit the latest conferences and add in their treatments the latest technologies and methods. In Sloane clinic, patients have the opportunity to be at the age they want.
The list of services includes skin and face treatments, body treatments and hair treatments. Although ageing cause changes in the whole body, we are most disturbed by changes on our face. We notice first wrinkles, different pigmentation, sagging skin, and eye bags, and feel the ultimate will to get rid of them as soon as possible in order to preserve our young look. Procedures that add some collagen in our cells are Thermage radiofrequency, Ulthera, Botox and dermal fillers. Contouring face is not an easy task and only professional dermatologist or aesthetic surgeons could do it properly. One face that is well-contoured looks slim and symmetric. In addition, laser treatment could benefit a lot from a skin condition on the face.
If you desire to have a well-shaped body then you probably know that there are some areas which you can’t alter whatever you do. Body contouring, like Coolsculpting and Body Thermage, is created for this type of stubborn fat. Hair treatment is Revage 670, which is an innovative one and helps damaged hair.
There are many aesthetic clinics in Singapore but if you have decided to undergo a certain procedure make sure you have chosen the best one in this area.

Aesthetic clinics in Singapore with positive reviews
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