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Acne scars and my experience with laser treatment

I had a lot of acne scars and separated pimples. As an average girl, my skin was not flawless during teenage years and that don’t let me be the queen of beauty. I still remember one day how frustrated I was when I had more pimples than normal skin. I cried a few hours and then chose my first foundation make-up. My mom was so sad because of me, and my low self-esteem that she tried to explain to me that it is normal and I should stop worry. However, this doesn’t happen. My skin proceeded to be a host for acne pimples and I proceeded to feel devastated. Every day I sacrificed 30 minutes to apply my make-up and them at least an hour to remove it and clean my face. People who have acne know how important is to remove all the sebum every night before sleep. If you skip it, next day you will be sorry so don’t try to outsmart the acne.

Who told me about the laser treatment for acne scars?

My mom has a friend who has a daughter with acne. Although that my acne was a way better (this happens 3 years ago), I still had pimple scars. Don’t think that pimple removal methods will clean the scars – they won’t. This is a great disappointment by the way but I will explain it later. However, my mom came home one day, holding a pamphlet of so-called laser treatment. She knew how touchy I was on this topic and she didn’t push me too much. She left it on the table and didn’t say a word. A week later when my curiosity was on the highest level I google about this treatment and I found out it was not a big deal. Let me tell you what the dermatologist has told me when I booked an appointment.

Dermatologists know better

Lasers are not the same everywhere. There are different lasers with different strength and action. The main effect comes from laser properties to target the darkest spots and destroy them. If you have red marks on post-inflammatory signs then the laser will “see” and “destroy” them. Of course, our bodies can’t stay blankly and react to the attack. The result – the skin heal the area quickly. The patient receives smooth skin after several months. Have in mind that procedures are not every month so for 6 months you will have 4 procedures most.

What shouldn’t you do before laser treatment?

Don’t visit your favourite solarium. We all know that you think that solarium will solve all your questions, but it won’t. Solarium won’t interfere with laser treatment because it can lead to colouration of skin and other side effects. That’s why you have to forget about it while you visit laser procedures. Something else, you shouldn’t forget is that your skin will be stressed enough so don’t stress it more. Don’t rub it and apply home masks, that will dry it additionally.

Laser treatments are useful for people who have reddish and pimple scars or they can try other available treatments for pimple scar removal. The procedure is painless but some people might be extremely sensitive so the dermatologist will apply a topical cream. However, the pain is bearable and most people don’t pay it special attention.


Acne scars and my experience with laser treatment
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