Troop 802 honors Dan Shine


Pictured from left to right are Mark Homburg, guest speaker,  Planning & Zoning Vice Chairman Steven R. Mullins, Shine and his son, Dan Shine, Jr.

Boys Scout Troop 802 leader Dan Shine  has stepped down from his post after 35 years of active Scout participation.

Shine was honored at his Troop Merit Badge Ceremony at the First Congregational Church.  In his final remarks as leader, Shine said, “This is not about me, it is about all of those who helped and guided me along the way and all those good, trusted people who are now taking over the leadership of Boy Scout Troop 802.”

West Haven Twilight League announces 84th Season

Thermaxx Team Photo 1

The Thermaxx Jackets – 2015 WHTL NABF Tournament Champions [Photo Credit- Lisa Antoneccchia]

Serving Southern CT Amateur Baseball Since 1933!

The West Haven Twilight League is heading into its 84th Year at Quigley Field in West Haven CT!

The WHTL has been in existence since 1933, and is a member of the National Amateur Baseball Federation. The Coaches of our 6 Teams are gearing up with team selections and the volunteer board is working hard to make this another amazing year of quality baseball for the community to enjoy!

West Haven Youth Soccer Results

By Mark Rawden
WHYSL Director of Publicity

The West Haven Youth Soccer League wrapped up its second week of action on April 24. Here are some of the week’s highlights.

The U10 Girls Travel team defeated Madison 3-2. Ava Murphy, Cassie Wadeka, and Dealyce Howard scored for West Haven. Riley Studley, Isabelle Nagle, Olivia Trenchard and Isabella Violante-Fletcher all combined to play excellent defense for the Westies. Camryn Flaherty and Isabella Eyler played well in the midfield for West Haven in the opening of their Spring season.

City launches new 911 system

By Michael P. Walsh
Special to the Voice

Officials Monday morning launched West Haven’s new computer-aided dispatch system that city police and fire departments, as well as the University of New Haven Police Department and local emergency medical service personnel, are now using to optimize performance and response.

The launch came at what city officials described as a “news event” held by Mayor Edward M. O’Brien and Robert S. Schwartz, deputy chief of the West Haven Fire Department, at police headquarters on Sawmill Road.

Panel releases beach parking report

By Michael P. Walsh
Special to the Voice

The newly commissioned Beach Parking Task Force has detailed its findings in a report the panel delivered to Mayor Edward M. O’Brien on April 1 for his consideration.

The task force was appointed by O’Brien to study parking at the city’s 10 beach lots and “identify parking problems relative to beachgoers in surrounding (shoreline) neighborhoods and propose solutions to the mayor,” said Chairman Ronald M. Quagliani, a Democratic at-large member of the City Council.

Beautification panel seeks volunteers, slates meeting

By Michael P. Walsh
Special to the Voice

The West Haven Beautification Committee is seeking volunteers to help with planting and organizing community cleanups.

Committee Chairwoman Marilyn Wilkes will hold a meeting for new and current members May 11 from 7-8 p.m. in the basement conference room of City Hall, 355 Main St.

The committee is composed of volunteers who plant flowers and care for designated locations across the city, including litter cleanups, during the spring and summer months.

Dear Felicia

Sweetie pie things are starting to percolate in the Asylum by the Sea – some people hate when I call our burg that. It must be the spate o’ warmer weather, but more people are venturing out into the out of doors, and that usually means things are gonna git interesting. Yew really know that things are getting back to normal when ole Elearnore Turkington gits the annual complaint about motorcycles traversing the beach route to wherever those guys and gals go every year.

So far, Cobina ain’t hoid the roar of the choppers, but she’s had her window closed still. Around my neighborhood, witch is only two blocks from the water, things are still a bit chilly. Get about three-quarters of a mile away from the beach, and things warm up.

Winners announced for poster contest


From left, Sharon Paine, Forest Elementary School and Pagels Elementary School 3rd grade science teacher, holds up 3rd Place winner, Marilyn Suchite-Henostroza, poster; 1st Place winner: Aniah Glover, Forest Elementary School; Renny Loisel, President, Land Trust of West Haven; and 2nd Place winner Abby Giaquinto, Seth Haley Elementary School

The West Haven Land Trust invited all third grade students to participate in a poster contest to celebrate Earth Day (April 22). The theme was The Sound & Recycling. More than 80 posters were displayed at the event that took place the evening of Wednesday, April 13 in the St. John Vianney Church conference room.


It’s Cruz or bust for the GOP

By Rich Lowry
Syndicated Columnist

If the Republican Party is to be saved from Donald Trump, Ted Cruz’s run – away victory in Wisconsin will have been the inflection point.

If you thought this service to the GOP would be met with plaudits from the party’s insiders, you obviously don’t know anything about their relationship to the Texas senator.

Lack of basic Civics prompts calls for inane and idiotic

The woeful understanding of the Constitution and the way it works hit another low in these last days as a former candidate for president has called for the Electoral College to be abandoned, and two liberal stalwarts again look to limit free speech they don’t like.

In the first instance, Dr. Ben Carson was quoted as saying he would support the elimination of the Electoral College, saying it no longer serves the purpose for which it was intended. We believe the good doctor should stick with his medical books and refrain from making such sweeping statements he obviously does not understand.